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Squeaky Clean Energy Reviews & Tariffs

After launching in 2007, Squeaky Clean Energy recently caused a bit of fanfare in the press for wanting to ‘fix’ the business energy market.

Squeaky Clean Energy is an Industrial and Commercial (I&S) supplier committed to supplying clean energy, as opposed to simply renewable energy.

Looking for a new business energy supplier? Find out if Squeaky Clean is right for you.

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Squeaky Clean Energy Reviews

  • Trustpilot: No reviews available.
  • Which?: No reviews available.
  • Review Centre: No reviews available.
  • Google: No reviews available.
  • Citizens Advice: Not included in Citizen’s Advice list of 15 business energy companies and how well they deal with complaints.

Squeaky Clean Energy Power Compare Score: No average available. 

Squeaky Clean Energy Electricity, Gas & Dual Fuel Tariffs

Squeaky Clean Energy is available from the generator directly, or through brokers who have to stick to a ‘code of conduct’. Potential customers can either get a quote through Squeaky, or one of the brokers they work with.

Note the information listed above was correct at the time of writing (12 April 2023).

Squeaky Clean Energy Background

Quite boldly, Squeaky Clean Energy think the business energy market really needs fixing and they’re the ones to do it. Their aim is to provide renewable electricity that costs the same as ‘dirty energy’.

Their electricity supply comes from the largest renewable generator in Europe, and if it isn’t producing enough for whatever reason, customers’ supply will be topped up with clean energy from around the UK. They claim the quality of their supplier has been rated more positively than British Gas’ and npower’s green energy sources.

Squeaky Clean Energy Smart Meter

As Squeaky Clean Energy is an industrial energy supplier, it does not supply smart meters.

Squeaky Clean Energy Meters

There’s no specific advice about meter readings.

Squeaky Clean Energy Bills

There’s no specific advice available on reading different bill types, but there’s information about deemed contract charges.

Squeaky Clean Energy App

There’s no app available for Squeaky customers. If there is an online account, it’s not available on their public website.

Switching To Squeaky Clean Energy

There’s no specific information about switching and how long it takes.

Moving Locations With Squeaky Clean Energy

Squeaky Clean Energy don’t include any info about moving premises, but if you’re moving out of a property, you usually need to provide the following:

  • Final meter reading.
  • Forwarding address for your final bill.
  • The new tenant’s details (if available).
  • Landlord’s details (if applicable).
  • Date you’re moving out.

Squeaky Clean Energy Fuel Mix

Electricity only:

Coal – 0% (8.5% UK average)
Natural gas – 0% (44.1%)
Nuclear – 0% (21.0%)
Renewable – 100% (24.2%)
Other – 0% (2.2%)

In terms of their renewable fuel mix, Squeaky Clean Energy supplies wind, solar and water-generated electricity.

Squeaky Clean Energy In the News

Big business sees the promise of clean energy
10 Jun 2017, The Economist

Squeaky Clean Energy are referenced as a UK-based example in this piece about American businesses taking climate change seriously enough to choose clean energy options.

Meet the serial entrepreneur building P2P energy company Squeaky
13 Mar 2017, City AM

Story of why Squeaky Clean Energy Managing Director Chris Bowden founded the company.

Chris Bowden launches clean energy venture to target SMEs
12 Feb 2017, The Telegraph

More background on the creation of Squeaky Clean Energy and Chris Bowden’s 27 years in the energy industry.

Squeaky Clean Energy Complaints

There are no reviews available for Squeaky, but they have a complaints procedure on their website.

Contact Phone Numbers & Email

Phone: 0203 907 8446
Email: [email protected]

Squeaky Clean Energy Address

Henry Wood House, 2 Riding House Street, London W1W 7FA


Squeaky Clean Energy Summary

Squeaky claim they’re doing something innovative, but there are already several business energy companies providing renewable energy options, so it all comes down to pricing. With no reviews available, it’s also quite difficult to gauge how positively their customers really feel about this clean energy provider. However, the more renewable options for business customers, the better.


  • 100% renewable electricity
  • Promising code of conduct.
  • ‘Cutting out the middlemen’ will hopefully make prices more affordable.


  • No reviews.
  • No app available.
  • Potentially not the cheapest green energy provider.
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