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Compare Energy Suppliers: Who Are The UK's Best-Rated Energy Suppliers?

At Power Compare we work with a wide range of trusted energy suppliers to help you find the right gas and electricity for your home or business.

Below, we offer advice on how you can choose the right supplier for your home or business energy.

If you’re ready to switch energy suppliers, you can compare energy suppliers with us to find the latest prices from a range of trusted providers.

Compare Energy Suppliers

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Find Your Next Energy Supplier From Our Panel of Trusted Suppliers

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Best Energy Suppliers UK

We’ve done a deep dive into UK energy suppliers to see how other customers rate suppliers with no bias. This will give you an idea of the service level to expect when you look to switch energy suppliers. 

Below, you can find a list of energy suppliers in the UK and click to find more information on their tariffs and ratings.

Trustpilot ratings updated October 2023.

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Small Energy Suppliers

Small energy suppliers often aim to offer cheaper rates by carrying lower overheads than many of the larger suppliers. However, this can lead to concerns from customers about the risk of their small energy supplier going out of business.

If you do switch to a small energy supplier, it’s worth remembering that you will be protected by Ofgem’s safety net. This means that if your supplier was to go out of business, you would be switched to an alternative supplier with no interruption to your gas and electricity supplier. You’re then free to stay with your new supplier or switch at any time with no exit fees.

Green Energy Suppliers

If you’re looking to switch to a renewable energy deal, there are a number of green energy suppliers now available.

Green energy has grown in popularity in recent years and the costs for consumers have reduced compared to standard tariffs.

Many suppliers now only offer renewable energy tariffs.

Who Is the UK’s Cheapest Energy Supplier?

There’s no one ‘cheapest supplier’. You will usually find a handful of suppliers that regularly offer great deals ahead of others. As prices change daily, it is better to make sure you compare energy prices across a large portion of the market.

The suppliers listed below are based on set parameters that may not apply to your usage or location, so it is always better to compare energy prices before committing to a gas and electricity contract.

There are often larger discounts available on both gas and electricity for homes and businesses when choosing a digital-only service. More traditional companies are also reacting to the threat of digital challenger suppliers by creating new digital-only energy brands such as British Gas Lite and E.ON Next.


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Trustpilot score (max score 5)


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4.0 (Great)

Home & Business Energy Supplier

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3.8 (Great)

Home & Business Energy Supplier

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3.8 (Great)

Business Energy Supplier

EDF logo.

4.3 (Great)

Home & Business Energy Supplier

4.1 (Great)

Home & Business Energy Supplier

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Business Energy Supplier

Ovo energy logo.

4.2 (Great)

Home Energy Supplier

Utilita logo.

4.3 (Excellent)

Home Energy Supplier

Utility Warehouse logo.

4.2 (Great)

Home Energy Supplier

coop energy logo

4.8 (Excellent)

Home Energy Supplier

Shell Energy logo.

4.4 (Excellent)

Home & Business Energy Supplier

smartest energy logo

4.0 (Great)

Business Energy Supplier

Opus energy logo

4.4 (Excellent)

Business Energy Supplier

TotalEnergies Logo

4.7 (Excellent)

Business Energy Supplier

british gas lite logo

2.3 (Poor)

Business Energy Supplier

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3.8 (Great)

Business Energy Supplier

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4.0 (Great)

Business Energy Supplier

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4.0 (Great)

Home Energy

How to Compare Energy Suppliers

There are a few things you should always consider before you compare energy suppliers. It’s important to remember that there is no one size fits all energy tariff. How you use energy, how you prefer to pay for your energy, and your location can affect the right tariff for you.

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1. Compare Energy Suppliers

We'll ask you some basic information and permission to look up your meter number. This will help us provide an accurate online quote for your energy.

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2. Choose Your Tariff Type

Consider the type of tariff you would prefer before you switch energy suppliers.

For example, if you use gas and electricity infrequently, a no-standing charge tariff could offer you the best value.

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3. We'll Complete Your Switch

We will contact your old and new energy supplier to make all the arrangements. We'll keep you updated via our 'Track My Switch' online feature - just sit back and relax!

Who Are The Biggest Energy Suppliers - Does The UK Still Have A Big Six? 

The energy industry has drastically changed over the last few years for both home and business energy. That means there has been a substantial shift in what we used to know as the ‘UK’s Big Six’. With that in mind, here are the biggest energy suppliers in the UK, based on 2024 industry data, compared to a decade earlier:


2024 market share %

Market share % 10 years ago

% change

British Gas logo.




E.On logo.




scottish power logo




EDF Energy logo.




OVO Energy logo.




octopus energy logo.




Source: Ofgem. This data illustrates the change in the domestic electricity market to show how the Big Six has changed in the last decade. 

Over recent years, there has been a significant increase in the popularity of independent energy suppliers offering gas and electricity. Many of these providers feature some of the best-rated energy suppliers on the market.

Independent suppliers will offer their own benefits including renewable energy tariffs, specialist pre-payment tariffs, or no standing charge tariffs.

With Power Compare, you can compare a wide range of trusted independent energy suppliers to ensure you have access to great energy deals.

Compare Energy Suppliers

Our Trusted Business Energy Suppliers - Top Picks 

This table highlights some of the business energy suppliers we would recommend based on trust, prices and customer service. It's worth mentioning that some of these energy suppliers offer both business gas and business electricity, but some only offer one or the other. 


Average Electric Unit Price (all contract terms) 

Average Gas Unit Price (all contract terms) 

Top Feature

smartest energy logo



Dedicated Small Business Energy Supplier 

scottish power logo



Mobile App for SMEs

edf logo.



Low standing charge price 

valda energy logo



Competitive unit prices

opus energy logo.



Great customer service reviews

british gas lite logo.



Great small business tariffs

british gas logo.



UK's largest supplier 

Who Are the Best Green Energy Suppliers?

Being eco-friendly, or ‘going green’, is seen as both a personal choice and a sign of social responsibility.

The landscape of energy is always evolving. Big companies go bust, and thousands of people have to acclimatise to their new carbon or renewable energy supplier. Amidst all the confusing jargon about tariffs, units, and charges, consumers have to contend with new suppliers that claim to be eco-conscious.

Here are some of the energy companies that have great carbon reduction projects and renewable sources for their tariffs:

Who Are the Best Home Energy Suppliers?

Once again, there is no one best energy suppliers for all homeowners. The type of tariff you prefer can impact which supplier will be right for you.

For example, energy supplier E exclusively offers pre-payment energy tariffs. So, if you prefer a pay-as-you-go- payment method, they could be the right supplier for you.

Other suppliers will specialise in offering Economy 7 and 10 tariffs which allow you to pay a lower rate for your electricity at night. This can help reduce your bills if you use most of your energy at off-peak hours.


Compare Home Energy Suppliers

Why Compare Energy Suppliers With Power Compare?

The process of comparing energy prices can be time-consuming if you were to request individual quotes from gas and electricity suppliers.

When you compare directly with energy suppliers, you will usually receive a generic quote with prices that everyone else has access to. By switching through Power Compare, you will have access to exclusive pricing through our long-lasting relationships with energy suppliers.

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