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Compare Business Energy Prices

Compare business energy prices online within 30 seconds. You can also switch suppliers entirely online. 

With a wide variety of trusted business gas and business electricity to choose from, it has never been easier to secure a great energy deal. 

Compare energy deals

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Business Energy Prices From Trusted Suppliers

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Grab Cheaper Business Energy Prices 

Companies of all sizes have been getting great deals on their business energy with us since 2009. We've come a long way since then, with our comparison and switching service now entirely online.  

  • Start with your business address and some basic contact details  
  • We’ll feed it through our best-in-class comparison engine 
  • View live business energy prices from a range of suppliers 

If you want to switch, you can tap into exclusive deals that mean serious savings – customers using our service save on average £1,401 annually.  

To make the best choice, we’ll help you balance low cost with factors like customer service and easy billing. Then handle the switch for you – while you decide where to reinvest your savings.  

Switching to a new business energy supplier can give you confidence about protecting rates against potential future price fluctuations, greater contractual control and a more positive customer service relationship.  

Average Business Energy Prices Per kWh In February 2024 

This table gives an accurate idea of UK business energy prices. 

Data correct as of February 2024. Annual cost based on a 2-year contract and the maximum kWh usage within each business size banding. These prices reflect a live market and are subject to fluctuation.

Annual Usage

Electricity Unit Price/kWh

Annual Bill (Electric)

Gas Unit Price/kWh

Annual Bill (Gas)

Very Small / Micro
(up to 5,000kWh)




















Extra Large / Corporate





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Why Switch Business Energy With Us?

You will want to switch business energy if you want to save money. We offer great advice, and exclusive business energy prices and we can even assist with other essential business utilities from water, phone & broadband on top of your gas and electricity.

We want to unlock your money-saving potential with as little effort from you as possible. Got 30 seconds to spare to save your business £1000s? 

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Business Electricity Rates - Cheapest Suppliers February 2024 

Here are the suppliers offering the cheapest business electricity rates in February 2024. 


Electricity Unit Rates (p)

Gas Unit Rates (p)

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edf logo.



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Valda Energy logo.



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Business energy prices displayed in the table are calculated averages of all contract terms (1, 2 and 3-year fixed-rate) and are based on an assumed annual consumption of 25,000 kWh per fuel.  The cheapest unit rates for each fuel have been highlighted. 

Large Business Energy Users 

Large consumption users of commercial energy can often have specific requirements. With greater buying power, comes a slightly more complicated process when energy management software, meter installations and other requirements become a factor. 

At Power Compare, our experts will listen to your complex needs, and then help you find the right supplier and a great deal for your next contract.

If you require a half-hourly meter or multi-site metering, we can help your business find a tariff that fits the exact requirements of your business.

Small Business Energy - Simplified 

We know that small and start-up business owners want to avoid large overhead costs as much as possible.

Selecting the right energy tariff as a small business can help you manage your costs.

With our comparison engine, you can view business energy tariffs from our panel of trusted suppliers. You will be able to view live business energy prices in just 30 seconds. Once you’ve chosen a tariff, check out entirely online.

What Do You Need For An Accurate Business Energy Quote? 

  1. Get your basic business information ready – like address, postcode, and info on your energy usage. You’ll find all this info on your most recent bill – no need to faff around.
  2. Find your meter registration numbers – your Meter Point Reference Number (MPRN) and Meter Point Administration Number (MPAN) should be on your latest energy bill. But no hassle if not – our intelligent comparison engine can often find them for you. 
  3. Terminate your contracts – you have to switch gas and electricity separately, so deal with all of your business energy comparison at the same time. This lets you lock in unit prices for the same time periods and stops providers from charging you sky-high out-of-contract rates. We'll be able to do this for you with your signed permission. 

Remember, rates change daily and you could be paying more or less for your commercial energy contract for several reasons. Like the size of your operation, the tariff you’re on, the supplier you use and the way they work out pricing models according to changes in wholesale market prices.

There’s a lot we can’t predict. But being willing to switch is a powerful first step to taking control.

Green Business Energy Prices 

Starting the journey towards a more sustainable business is something we should all be thinking about. Many start with selecting a business energy tariff that is 100% renewable. 

Our trusted panel of business energy suppliers have a variety of renewable tariffs, some as standard and some as specific tariffs. Whatever your renewable goals are, we’re here to support your journey. 

Business Energy FAQs

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