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Compare live energy tariffs

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How to Compare Business Energy Prices

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    Simply provide us with contact details and we'll look up your energy meters. 

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    Choose a great deal from our live panel of business energy suppliers. We work with a panel of trusted UK suppliers with exclusive rates. 

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    Once you have chosen your new business energy tariff, we will have you switched over to your new supplier within 5 working days.

Compare live energy tariffs

Business Energy Prices Per kWh 2024

Annual Usage

Electricity Unit Price/kWh

Annual Bill (Electric)

Gas Unit Price/kWh

Annual Bill (Gas)

Very Small / Micro
(up to 5,000kWh)




















Extra Large / Corporate





Data correct as of June 2024. Average annual cost based on a 2-year contract and the maximum kWh usage within each business size banding. These prices reflect a live market and are subject to fluctuation.

Compare live energy tariffs

Grab Cheaper Business Energy Prices 

If you’re looking to grab a great deal on your business energy you’re in the right place. We have been helping UK small and medium-sized businesses save £1,000s on their business energy every year. 

We’ve come a long way since our first customer switch back in 2009. We invest in our processes and technology, and we have created a smooth and fast platform that allows our customers to switch their business energy suppliers entirely online. 

All we need from you is a postcode and business address to get started. We’ll ask for your permission to look up your meter numbers, and this allows us to see how much energy you use so we can provide you with the most accurate business energy prices.

Compare live energy tariffs

Choosing A Business Energy Tariff

Choosing the best business energy tariff for your company can impact the amount of money you pay every month. It’s essential to get this right to ensure you’re saving the maximum amount of money.

Fixed-Rate Tariff

With a fixed-rate tariff, you agree to a fixed unit price for gas and electricity with your supplier. These contracts can be locked in for 1-5 years. Wholesale energy prices can affect availability.

Variable-Rate Tariff

The price you pay per unit changes according to current wholesale prices with a variable-rate tariff. They can be a good choice if you appreciate flexibility. You get cheap energy when wholesale prices are low, but risk paying more when wholesale prices increase.

Rollover Tariff

Businesses are placed on a rollover tariff if a new deal has not been agreed. This is legally binding for one year and is similar to a fixed rate. The difference is the cost per kWh unit price will be higher than the current market rate. 

Renewable Business Energy Tariffs

If reducing your carbon footprint is a priority for your business, there are lots of challenger providers offering green energy tariffs and most of the big energy suppliers now offer them too.

Flexible Tariffs

Large businesses buying in bulk will have access to cheaper business energy rates. A flexible tariff allows a business to purchase its energy at the beginning of the contract. A great option if prices are estimated to increase. A flexible tariff is often a popular choice during an energy procurement process. 

Deemed Rate Tariff

A rare tariff, deemed rates are for very specific situations where an energy contract has never been in place. Typically businesses moving into brand new buildings and who have not agreed to a tariff will pay deemed rates. These are some of the most expensive rates on the market. 

Business Energy Rates Per kWh By Supplier


Electricity Unit Rates (p)

Gas Unit Rates (p)

Smartest Energy 






British Gas Lite



Valda Energy



Scottish Power



Opus Energy



British Gas



Business energy prices displayed in the table are calculated averages of all contract terms (1, 2 and 3-year fixed-rate) and are based on an assumed annual consumption of 25,000 kWh per fuel.  The cheapest unit rates for each fuel have been highlighted. Updated June 2024.

What Charges Are Included in a Business Energy Bill?

It can seem like there are a lot of ‘hidden’ charges on your business energy bill. Suppliers often add on all sorts of costs without properly explaining what they’re for. Here are the charges you may see on your business energy bills and what they’re for. The final cost of your energy bill includes various charges. These charges are split into two kinds: commodity costs, which relate to your energy usage; and non-commodity costs, which relate to third-party charges.


Wholesale costs - Learn about this here.

Non-commodity (i.e system and network costs)

  • Climate Change Levy (CCL) - Learn about this here
  • Renewables Obligation (RO) - Learn about this here
  • Feed-In Tariff (FiT) / Smart Export Guarantee - Learn about this here.
  • Contracts for Difference (CfD) - Learn about this here.
  • VAT - Value Added Tax (20%)
  • Electricity Market Reform (EMR) - policy cost to transform the UK's energy for more security and help minimise high costs to customers.

What Affects Business Energy Prices?

Business energy prices are governed by supply and demand, just like most products. That being said, there's a range of factors that dictate whether energy prices rise, like they rapidly did in 2022, or fall as they have been slowly doing in 2023 and 2024.

Supply and demand: seasons affect the cost of energy. In winter businesses will use more energy for heating.

Time of day - night time rates are lower if you have a multi-rate deal

Currency movement - much of the UK’s energy is purchased from other countries, such as France, so the exchange rate of the pound Sterling against the Euro can make buying electricity more expensive, or cheaper.

Supply constraints at power plants - maintenance and outages at power plants reduce the supply of electricity, so if there is a larger amount of maintenance work needing to be done this will put upward pressure on bills.

Global Events - extreme weather events in energy-producing areas of the world affect the global supply of fuels used in electricity production or the availability of natural gas. Wars do the same.

Weather patterns - long periods of adverse local weather can negatively affect the supply of energy and over an extended period, this will mean costs incurred on the consumer, as infrastructure that has been damaged by weather must be repaired.

Infrastructure operating costs - power lines and other infrastructure of the energy grid require ongoing maintenance, and this will be priced into the cost of electricity. If more old infrastructure needs to be replaced with new, then this will have an upward effect on energy prices.

Regulation changes - now and again the regulations that energy companies must meet change. With these changes comes the cost of aligning with new/updated regulations, which will get passed on to customers.

Compare live energy tariffs

Large Business Energy Users

Large consumption users of commercial energy can often have specific energy procurement process. With greater buying power, comes a slightly more complicated process when energy management software, meter installations and other requirements become a factor.

At Power Compare, our experts will listen to your complex needs, and then help you find the right supplier and a great deal for your next contract.

If you require a half-hourly meter or multi-site metering, we can help your business find a tariff that fits the exact requirements of your business.

Small Business Energy - Simplified 

We know that small and start-up business owners want to avoid large overhead costs as much as possible.

Selecting the right energy tariff as a small business can help you manage your costs.

With our comparison engine, you can view business energy tariffs from our panel of trusted suppliers. You will be able to view live business energy prices in just 30 seconds. Once you’ve chosen a tariff, check out entirely online.

What Do You Need For An Accurate Business Energy Quote?

  1. Get your basic business information ready – like address, postcode, and info on your energy usage. You’ll find all this info on your most recent bill – no need to faff around.
  2. Find your meter registration numbers – your Meter Point Reference Number (MPRN) and Meter Point Administration Number (MPAN) should be on your latest energy bill. But no hassle if not – our intelligent comparison engine can often find them for you.
  3. Terminate your contracts – you have to switch gas and electricity separately, so deal with all of your business energy comparison at the same time. This lets you lock in unit prices for the same time periods and stops providers from charging you sky-high out-of-contract rates. We'll be able to do this for you with your signed permission.

Remember, rates change daily and you could be paying more or less for your commercial energy contract for several reasons. Like the size of your operation, the tariff you’re on, the supplier you use and the way they work out pricing models according to changes in wholesale market prices.

There’s a lot we can’t predict. But being willing to switch is a powerful first step to taking control.

Green Business Energy Prices

Starting the journey towards a more sustainable business is something we should all be thinking about. Many start with selecting a business energy tariff that is 100% renewable.

Our trusted panel of business energy suppliers have a variety of renewable tariffs, some as standard and some as specific tariffs. Whatever your renewable goals are, we’re here to support your journey.

Compare live energy tariffs

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