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Looking to compare gas prices and want to secure a great deal? Whether you’re a business gas customer or a household; we’ll help you find great energy tariffs in just a few clicks. Once you’ve found the deal that takes your fancy, you just need to stick the kettle on and relax whilst we take care of everything else. 

With online switching for both households and businesses, hassle-free gas savings have never been easier. Tap into great gas prices from a wide range of trusted gas suppliers


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How Easy Is Gas Price Comparison?

Complete this easy three-step process and you’ll be comparing and choosing trusted gas suppliers in a few seconds.

  1. Pop in a few details ( postcode, supplier, payment method, tariff type, approximate usage).
  2. Compare gas prices from a wide range of suppliers (from our powerful comparison engine).
  3. Switch and save. You might be surprised – especially if you’ve been on standard variable tariff.

Minimum effort. Maximum savings. No-stress switching. If only everything was such a doddle.

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How Much Is Gas Per kWh In The UK? 

This table shows the average unit rate of gas and standing charge in the UK for 2024 based on the price cap level set by Ofgem

From January 2024

Unit Price (p/per kWh)


Standing Charge


Get Your Head Around Gas Prices

The cost of your gas depends on a few key factors. Like where you live, how much you use and the type of tariff (the way your supplier charges you for what you use). Gas usage is measured in kWh (kilowatt hours). Your bill’s calculated according to the rate per kWh plus a standing charge (applied per day regardless of what you use).

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Types of Gas Tariffs

When looking at gas suppliers, there are a few kinds of gas tariffs available to consider. Each has their own merits, but it's important to know which suits you best.

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When you’ve got a fixed-rate tariff, the gas cost-per-unit stays the same throughout your contract. It protects you against price rises but means you won’t benefit from price drops. 


With Standard Variable Rate tariffs (STVs), the cost-per-unit goes up and down according to the wholesale market price of gas. It’s what you’re moved to when a fixed rate ends and these days it’s very expensive. 


With a prepaid meter, you pay for your gas in advance with a token, card or app. Cost-per-unit can be dearer than with a standard meter, but it can make it easier to budget. 

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UK Gas Prices By Region

We’ve broken down regional gas prices per kWh so that you can see how the area you live in impacts the price you pay for gas.


Average Single Rate Unit Price 2024

Average Standing Charge (p) 

North West









Northern Scotland






Southern Scotland



North Wales & Merseyside






South East






East Midlands



Southern Western



South Wales



UK Average



All data comes from Ofgem.

How Much Should I Be Spending On Gas? 

Here are the consumption levels that are used by Ofgem to calculate the gas price cap which are seen as the average. 

Household size

Average gas consumption (annual kWh)

Assumed Annual Cost Based On Price Cap Unit Rates (includes standing charge)

Apartment/ 1-bedroom house



2-3 bedroom house



4+ bedroom house



For information on non-domestic gas please see our business gas prices page.

Why Have Gas Prices Been So High?

Like all commodities, gas providers base their prices on supply and demand. But several factors have recently combined to make prices particularly high – like a surge in demand caused by economies reopening after COVID-19 and a cold winter, increased demand for LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) in Asia, conflicts around the world and a backlog in significant maintenance projects. 

Despite this, gas prices have stabilised, and there are some great tariffs available offered by suppliers.

We can’t control outside events or force providers to reduce their prices. And Government price caps limit the effects of the crisis without solving it. So the best thing you can do to take control is being proactive about switching suppliers – exactly what we do for you. 

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What Is The Cheapest Way To Pay For Gas? 

The calculations below are based on the Ofgem Price Cap figures for Q1 of 2024 and an assumed average consumption of 11,500 kWh of gas annually (2-3 bedroom house). 

  • Direct Debit: £961
  • Pre-Payment: £954
  • Standard Credit: £1,026

Average annual gas cost by payment method 2024.

Gas Price Comparison FAQs

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