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Get a digital business phone line with VoIP today to avoid the last-minute rush. The traditional phone network will be switched off in December 2025. Compare business phone lines and arrange installation without delay. We're here to help you save money on industry-leading business telecoms.

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Switch to VoIP before January 2027 to stay connected 

Are Phone Lines Being Phased Out? 

The traditional telephone network operated by BT Openreach is being phased out and will stop working in December 2025. To stay connected, businesses must switch to a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) digital phone line system before this date. 

There are two types of VoIP: hosted and non-hosted. 

Hosted VoIP allows businesses to outsource the costs of building capable servers, hardware and software to a third party. Most small businesses choose this option as there are little to no set-up costs. If you have VoIP-enabled phones, simply purchase a licence and you’re good to go. You just need to make sure you have business broadband that can handle the extra bandwidth. 

Non-hosted VoIP requires a significant investment in servers and hardware that you will have on your premises. On-going costs of maintenance and upkeep will be required. This is an option many large businesses choose as they have the space and budget to front the investment costs.

Compare VoIP Deals

What Is The PSTN Switch-Off? 

The way we all make calls will be changing in January 2027. The Public Switch Telephone Network (PSTN) is closing, and everyone will need to move over to digital-based telephone systems. This means that any equipment currently using the PSTN will stop working. This includes all landline phones, alarms, EPOS payment systems, door entry systems and CCTV. This date has been pushed back from 2025 to provide more time for people to get a digital VoIP solution.

BT Openreach is making this change as the old copper wire system is old and hard to maintain. The time to take action and switch to a Hosted VoIP system is now to avoid any last-minute rush.

VoIP Phone Systems 

With traditional landlines becoming obsolete by January 2027, now is the time to start thinking about a digital-based VoIP phone system that can stand the test of time. VoIP phones are secure, reliable, scalable as you grow and cheap to operate. 

With all the modern features to help your business communicate and grow, you can work from anywhere with in-app control, call forwarding, call recording and lots of other features to help you become more efficient. 

What Is VoIP? 

VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) is a digital-based phone system that uses an internet connection to make calls rather than the traditional copper wire phone lines that have been in use for years. 

VoIP phone systems are popular with businesses as they offer enhanced features, a reliable connection and are very affordable.

Understanding Your Business Phone Bill

When you receive your first business phone bill, some of the charges may be confusing, however, below we have broken down a typical bill, explained each section, and included lists of the types of charges and potential fees you may expect.

  • All pages of your bill should include the date your bill was issued, your account number, and the bill reference number. In an example from BT Business below, this information is displayed in the top right-hand corner of the page. Every page will also showcase your suppliers' logo and branding.

  • Page 1 of your business phone bill will include the account holder's name and the business address. It will also show a summary of your quarterly bill including the VAT. If you have already paid the bill, the invoice will also include your chosen payment method.

  • Page 2 will show a summary of charges for the quarter. It will show your usual payments, not including VAT, how much VAT was for the period, and another total below, with both charges and VAT.

    Beneath that, you will see in the image below, that sometimes unpaid payments can be brought forward, and there will usually be a total figure outlining your charges with VAT during that period, and the outstanding payments brought forward, combined.

    A VAT summary is also included at the bottom of the page, outlining how much VAT has been charged and a total excluding the VAT.

Page 1

BT Business Bill Page 1

Page 2

BT Business Bill Page 2
  • Page 3 usually shows your VAT summary. As you can see in the image below, it shows the total amount of VAT paid, and the bill total including VAT. Beneath that, it outlines which of your packages were charged VAT, and their totals.

  • Page 4 in our example business bill shows a breakdown of your charges in detail, the date range, and how much VAT you paid. It also highlights the total of all your charges.

Page 3

BT Business Bill Page 3

Page 4

BT Business Bill Page 4

What Types Of Charges Can I Expect On My Business Phone Bill

Depending on what your business requirements are, most of the time you can build custom phone packages to suit your business needs.

Aside from your regular charges included in your package, you may also come across out-of-allowance charges or if you have opted to receive a paper bill, most of the time, this additional charge will be included in your final bill.

List Of Business Phone Bill Charges

  • Paper Bill Charges (Most companies charge extra for a physical copy of your bill, and online paperless bills are free)
  • Calls to 070, 084, 087 and 09 numbers
  • Calling or texting abroad
  • Roaming
  • 118 (Direct Enquiries)
  • MMS (Photo Messaging)
  • Data Overage
  • Late Payment Fees

List Of Business Phone Line Providers 

Here's a list of business phone line providers. You can package up business broadband for a cheaper deal.