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ScottishPower Reviews, Prices & Tariffs 

As one of the Big Six energy suppliers in the UK energy market, ScottishPower is a brand known all over the country. Offering both domestic and business energy tariffs, they are often a favourite choice with Power Compare customers. 

ScottishPower pride themselves on energy affordability, sustainability and online account management. Here’s an in-depth review to help you understand what they are like as a supplier and if they are the right choice.

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Is ScottishPower a Good Energy Supplier? 

ScottishPower has mixed reviews on Trustpilot. However, it’s important to note that these are predominantly domestic energy customers. It is hard to determine how the business energy service is. 

ScottishPower is journeying to become one of the UK’s leading renewable energy suppliers. ScottishPower commercial customers can choose from fixed-rate and standard variable tariffs.

To provide some perspective, Scottish Power is rated ‘Great - 4.2’ on Trustpilot on over 62,882 reviews in February 2024.
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Is ScottishPower The Right Supplier For You?

We rate suppliers based on customers' most desired features including payment options, customer satisfaction, renewables and other factors. You can see this snapshot below. 


Service Offered

Online Billing


Direct Debit

Yes (only payment option available)

Smart Meters

Yes existing customers can check if eligible once live.

Mobile App

Yes, for SME customers

Flexible Payments

Monthly Fixed DD, Monthly Variable and Quarterly Variable

Renewable Energy


Paper Billing


Priority Register

Yes, customers can contact Scottish Power Customer Services to update

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ScottishPower Energy Rates 2024 

ScottishPower offers competitive tariffs across its customer base. The domestic market has now opened again for switching and many are considering Scottish Power as their supplier of choice. 

As for business energy, Scottish Power offers competitive unit rates that compete with other suppliers in the market. Business energy prices from Scottish Power vary by region. It would be best if you compare prices today for an accurate quote. 

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ScottishPower Energy Bill Discount Scheme 

The Energy Bill Discount Scheme continues to support businesses during times of higher wholesale energy prices. Scottish Power supports the scheme and is applied automatically to your energy bill. The scheme is due to end in March 2024. 

ScottishPower Meter Installation 

ScottishPower offer smart meters for both domestic and business energy. As for other types of meters, they offer half-hourly and other types of specialist meters. For more options around meter installation, our expert team is happy to help and will often offer free installation when you switch to ScottishPower with us.

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Scottish Power Energy Summary

‘The Big Six’ regularly raises prices, which is something all their future customers should be aware of before switching.

The range of fuels and energy sources used is worth weighing up. There’s far less reliance on nuclear and oil than many others (EDF in particular way above average amounts of nuclear energy), and more reliance on renewable sources and natural gas. You can find out more about ScottishPower’s fuel mix and renewable power stations and wind farms if you’re interested in where your energy could come from.


  • Fuel mix uses more renewable than average, particularly from wind farms.
  • The help section is very informative and detailed.
  • Tariff fixed for 2 years for domestic customers, 3 years for business energy customers.
  • Option of buying your energy upfront.


  • The PowerUp prepayment scheme is quite complicated and the savings are difficult to compare.
  • No smart meters until next summer, which is slower than some of their rivals.
  • There are not as many tariff choices as their rivals (just 3 fixed available). 

Scottish Power EV Solutions 

This guide has covered the renewable energy Scottish Power offers. However, as an extension of this, they have specialist energy tariffs for EV charging to ensure customers are charging their EVs cost-effectively. 

Business EV Solutions 

Scottish Power offers fully funded charging points for business premises with a range of charging times available. This is a great employee benefit or a way to increase footfall in a retail space. 

A great location has:

  • Unrestricted 24/7 access 
  • Close to a main road 
  • Highly populated areas 
  • Space for 2 charging points per 3 parking spaces 

What's Included 

  • Cost of charging point installation 
  • Charger maintenance 
  • Software management platform 
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