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Fast and reliable business broadband is a few clicks away. We have partnered with UK leading business phone and broadband providers to offer exclusive deals on the fastest available speeds in your area. We're here to help you save money on industry-leading business telecoms.

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Our Trusted Panel Of Business Broadband Providers 

*BT and Vodafone joins our panel on May 1st 2024. 

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Business Broadband Deals - Our Bestsellers 

FTTP 150 Ultra-Fast Broadband

wifi icon

150 Mbps download speed
24/7 UK customer support 
Free DDoS security 
Online billing 
12, 24 and 36-month contracts

FTTP 300 Ultra-Fast Broadband

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300 Mbps download speed
24/7 UK customer support 
Free DDoS security 
Online billing 
12, 24 and 36-month contracts

Dedicated Leased Line

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Up to 1 Gbps speeds
24/7 UK customer support 
No peak time slow down
Own dedicated network
Breakdowns fixed within 5 hours
Compensation for longer downtime

Why Switch Business Broadband With Power Compare?

  • We work with you to find great business broadband deals for you.
  • Our expert team of in-house specialists have partnerships with trusted UK providers. 
  • Switch business broadband without the hassle.



Superfast business broadband to power productivity

Gone are the days when finding fast business broadband deals takes time and effort. For businesses that are struggling with a basic connection, or hitting a fast period of growth, it is time to upgrade your productivity. 

Whether you’re looking to run critical applications, card payment points, guest wifi or upgrade your cyber security; we’re here to help you find a solution.

Compare Fastest Speeds Compare all deals

Best Business Broadband Providers

Broadband Provider

Speeds Available (Mbps)


Trustpilot Rating

bt business broadband logo.

76 to 900 Mbps 

Guest wifi, minimum speed guarantee and hot spots

Not Available

daisy business broadband logo.

17 to 1,000 Mbps

24/7 UK customer service, speed promise and cyber security

4.6 (Excellent)

sky business broadband logo.

76 to 1,000 Mbps

Flex-up speeds, 4G backup and cyber security

Not Available

vodafone business broadband logo.

76 to 900 Mbps

Unlimited data, guest wifi and dedicated setup support

4.4 (Excellent)

talk talk business broadband logo.

17 to 900 Mbps

24/7 UK support, unlimited data and flexible contracts

4.8 (Excellent)

xln business broadband logo.

80 Mbps

Minimum speed guarantee, plug-and-play router

4.1 (Great)

virgin media business broadband logo.

400 to 1,000 Mbps

Customer response time within 1 day, unlimited data and dynamic IP

1.2 (Bad)

zen internet logo.

up to 900 Mbps

UK technical support and great customer service

4.4 (Excellent)

How To Switch Business Broadband 

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    We just need your business address to find out what speeds and deals are available in your area

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    Compare business broadband deals and choose the right one for your needs

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    Switch business broadband providers in just a few clicks

Compare Broadband Deals

What Type Of Business Broadband Do I Need? 

With so many acronyms describing types of business broadband, it can often be confusing when deciding the best package for your business. Here are the types of business broadband available:

ADSL broadband is managed by BT Openreach. This is the most widely available broadband in the UK and is considered a basic connection.

ADSL broadband comes from the local telephone exchange with a full line connection using copper wires. This is the slowest type of broadband available and is the cheapest available. The speeds of ADSL depends on how far away your premises is from the exchange. This a great for a business with the most basic requirements.

Full Fibre offers a direct connection from the exchange through to your business premises. With no copper cables used for full fibre, it offers a huge boost in broadband speeds.

Many businesses prefer full fibre especially those who need a fast reliable connection. Full fibre is the fastest connection when it comes to transferring data. It uses pulses of light to transmit information, meaning it sends it at lightspeed. This connection can reach speeds of 3,000Mbps.

Partial Fibre is the most widely available type of fibre broadband available in the UK. In simple terms, fibre cables will deliver a connection to your local ‘green cabinet’.

Basic copper phone lines will then connect your business to the local cabinet. This is a popular choice for many small businesses with speeds between 30 to 70Mbps.

Cable Broadband is a method used by Virgin Media. This is similar to partial fibre broadband but Virgin Media uses coaxial cables instead of copper for the final delivery to your business premises.

Coaxial cables are part fibre but deliver very fast speeds similar to full-fibre.

Mobile broadband does not require cabling and businesses can use a USB dongle or a mobile router to connect to the internet. Business broadband providers will often offer this as a backup connection should anything happen to your main connection.

It may be difficult to rely on mobile broadband in the long term to operate your business with speeds up to 24Mbs for a 4G connection and 150Mbps for 5G. 

What Business Broadband Speed Do I Need?

  • Speeds around 17 Mbps 

    Basic web browsing
    Basic card reader connection
    Low bandwidth devices
    Support a digital phone line

  • Speeds around 76 Mbps 

    Medium data usage
    Basic card reader connection
    Quality video calls
    Basic cloud services
    Supports guest Wifi
    Support a digital phone line

  • Speeds around 300 Mbps 

    Medium data usage
    Reliable card reader connection
    Quality video calls
    Basic cloud services
    Supports guest Wifi
    Supports digital phone lines

  • Speeds around 900 Mbps 

    Lots of data usage
    Fast card reader connection
    HD video calls
    Basic cloud services
    Fast guest Wifi
    Supports digital phone lines

  • Dedicated Leased Line

    Dedicated connection
    High-security connection
    Range of cloud services
    Range of data services
    Rapid guest Wifi
    Supports lots of digital phone lines

Can I Bundle My Business Broadband?

Yes. Most UK companies bundle business broadband with phone lines to save money.

When you compare business broadband with us, we'll include bundle deals that could save you money. Securing the same provider for your phone line and business broadband not only can keep your bills lower, but also save you time when it comes to managing your connectivity.

Bundle Your Broadband
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