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Ready to compare business gas prices? We work with a trusted panel of suppliers with some offering exclusive rates for our customers. 

Unlike other comparison services operating in the business market, you access live prices with our business gas comparison in just 30 seconds and switch suppliers online. That means you can grab a great gas deal, wherever and whenever suits you and your busy schedule. 

With wholesale business gas prices seeing stability, it is a great time to get a fixed-rate deal.

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Business Gas Prices Per kWh In December 2023 

This table of business gas prices per kWh reflects the average cost of gas per kWh as paid by companies of various sizes (based on consumption levels). Find a suitable business gas tariff that fits perfectly with your company's size and everyday needs, by comparing the latest 2023 business gas prices.  

Data correct as of December 2023. Annual cost based on a 2-year contract and the maximum kWh usage within each business size banding. These prices reflect a live market and are subject to fluctuation. For the most accurate data, you should use our comparison engine to get a live business gas quote. 

Business Size (Average Usage)

Business Gas Unit Price (p/kWh)

Annual Cost
(2-year contract)

Very Small (5,000 kWh)



Small (15,000 kWh)



Medium (25,000 kWh)



Large (50,000 kWh)



Very Large (10,000 kWh)



Gas prices are 68% cheaper than last year 

Cheapest Business Gas Suppliers In December 2023

The cheapest business gas supplier often changes daily. As we can only offer great deals based on your information in our engine, below we have provided a selection of business gas rates from top UK suppliers based on 25,000 kWh of usage annually. This comparison was completed in December 2023. To find the best commercial gas price we can offer you today, we advise that you use our engine to compare. 


Price per kWh

Daily Standing Charge

Annual Cost

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Compare Business Gas Prices To Beat Your Renewal 

It may seem much easier to accept the business gas rates that come through with your renewal notice from your existing supplier, but these are often priced much higher than the rates you could secure from a quick gas comparison and switch

We have made the process of business gas comparison easy, taking away all the time-consuming aspects of switching business gas suppliers away from you. We offer a full service ensuring everything is switched over with ease. We may even be able to negotiate better commercial gas prices with your current supplier. 

Beat Your Renewal

Does More Consumption Mean Cheaper Commercial Gas Prices?

Higher consumption and large businesses will typically pay a lower price per kWh for their gas than lower consumption users. 

Typically, these types of businesses require a more bespoke energy tariff with advanced energy management systems. During times of higher business gas prices, the UK Government has announced a support package that offers higher discounts to large businesses that meet the criteria of Energy and Trade Intensive Industries. 

Wholesale Gas Price Trends

The last 8 months have seen a surge in wholesale gas prices driven by multiple factors according to industry-leading consultancy, Cornwall Insights:

  • Lower gas storage levels in Europe
  • Reduced pipeline imports from Russia

Combined, this has led to higher prices to attract more gas to meet demand.

Here are the industrial gas prices per kWh including taxes and levies for a typical small business in the UK.


2022 Price (p/kWh)

2023 Price (p/kWh) / Percentage Difference From Last Year













Are Small Business Gas Prices Higher?

What is considered a small business by many is viewed differently by gas suppliers. Split into two categories, small businesses and micro. Micro business gas prices are seen as similar to the domestic market so prices are often similar to the domestic market.

Typically, larger businesses will use larger amounts of gas so will be able to negotiate a lower price per kWh.

According to Ofgem, a non-domestic consumer is defined as a micro business if they meet one of the following criteria:

  • Employs fewer than 10 employees (or their full-time equivalent) and has an annual turnover or balance sheet no greater than €2 million (£1.7 million as of August 2022), or
  • Uses no more than 100,000 kWh of electricity per year, or
  • Uses no more than 293,000 kWh of gas per year.

The main benefit of being defined as a micro-business rather than a small business is that you can give a termination notice at any time during your contract which means you can always shop for the best deal. Typically, it is much easier to manage your business gas usage if you’re a micro business but you do pay higher gas rates. This is because they usually have similar flexibility to domestic contracts.

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How Is The Cost Of Business Gas Quote Calculated? 

Looking over your business gas bill can raise several questions and one of the most common ones we come across is ‘How is the cost of business gas calculated?’    

Two costs require attention when reviewing your business gas, and these makeup most of the cost of business gas quote. 

  • Unit rate - this is your business gas charge. This is displayed in pence per kWh of gas used. For example, if your agreed fixed unit rate is 8.2p per kWh and you use 15,000 kWh of gas annually; you can calculate your annual business gas cost by multiplying 0.082 by 15,000 (£1,230). You will need to add additional costs to this figure. 

  • Standing charge - a daily fee paid to your business gas supplier for the management costs of delivering the fuel to your premises. Initially, this may seem like a high number, but the costs remain unchanged regardless of how much gas you use. For example, with a standing charge of 30.2p per day, you’ll be paying £116.80 annually.

  • VAT - a flat % standard rate of 20% will be applied to your business gas bill. Discounts are available for charities and non-profits who may be eligible to pay only 5%. 

Business Gas FAQs

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