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British Gas Prices, Tariffs & Reviews

Serving millions customers, British Gas is the UK’s leading energy supplier. 

As one of the most recognised brands in the UK, regardless of industry; British Gas has supplied households and businesses with energy for over 200 years. Known under different brand names over the many years, it was in 1973 that they adopted the British Gas name that we all know. 

Since 1997, they have been owned by the parent company Centrica.  

British Gas has become a household name across the UK, supplying almost a quarter of homes in Great Britain with energy.

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A Guide to British Gas

Trustpilot Customer Rating: 4.0 out of 5, based on over 170,000 reviews

British Gas is not only known for supplying energy. Households and businesses across the UK class the brand as their first port of call for boiler installations, water leaks and air conditioning services.

To organise their business energy customers, they’ve divided their services into British Gas Lite, which is dedicated to serving smaller enterprises, and their standard British Gas Business brand is used to meet the needs of larger businesses.

Business customers can benefit from custom tariffs, flexible payment plans, online account management and professional energy management advice.

Meanwhile, if you’re a home energy customer, you can access flexible tariffs, smart meters, online account management, and their HomeCare Cover and Warm Home Discount.

Is British Gas The Right Supplier For You?

We rate energy suppliers based on customers' most desired features including payment options, customer satisfaction, renewables and other factors. You can see this snapshot below. 


Service Offered

Online Billing


Direct Debit


Smart Meters


Mobile App


Flexible Payments


Bonus Services (emergency callouts, backup supply etc) 

Not as standard

Renewable Energy




Paper Billing


Live British Gas Prices

British Gas Energy Prices and Tariffs

British Gas offers a variety of energy tariffs to both domestic customers and businesses.

Domestic Customer Tariffs

The domestic switching market is back. With the market changing quickly, it is better to compare energy prices today to see the live rates. 

Domestic customers can choose from a range of fixed-price and variable energy tariffs to suit their household’s gas and electricity needs.

Try our free online quote tool today.

Business Energy Tariffs

Like domestic energy customers, business customers have a range of energy tariffs to choose from with British Gas. 

As we provide an example of a singular day in December 2023 as a business energy price example, it is important to remember that many variables impact the price you pay. 

This example is based on the cheapest electricity & gas tariffs for a usage of 25,000 kWh per annum per fuel. 

British Gas Tariffs In December 2023

Unit Price (p/kWh)

Standing Charge

Annual Price









Live British Gas Prices


British Gas’ parent company is Centrica, an international energy services and solution business. Recognised as the largest gas supplier in the UK, Centrica owns several companies, including Scottish Gas, Hive and Bord Gáis Energy.

The CEO of British Gas is Chris O’Shea and the managing director is Jana Siber. Centrica’s chairman is Scott Wheway.


British Gas’ head office is located in Millstream, Maidenhead Road, Windsor, Berkshire SL4 5GD.

Their postal address is PO Box 227, Rotherham, S98 1PD.

The head office address is Millstream, Maidenhead Road, Windsor, Berkshire SL4 5GD.

If you’d like to get in contact with their customer service team, 0333 202 9802 is the best number to call. Staff are typically available from 8 am-8 pm Monday-Saturday.

British Gas Smart Meter

British Gas customers are entitled to have smart meters installed for free. To qualify, British Gas need to provide either your gas or electricity and your home has to tick a few boxes too. Not all customers can get a smart meter, but you have to log into your account to find out why and what your alternatives are.

British Gas doesn’t publicly provide any specific criteria regarding who qualifies and who doesn’t. According to the Smart Energy GB campaign, homes with pre-paid meters and pay-as-you-go accounts are eligible.

For businesses with specific requirements, more complex meter installation solutions are available. 

Green Performance

British Gas is committed to environmental sustainability. They aim to become net zero by 2050 and encourage all their customers to become more eco-friendly.

They offer both domestic and commercial customers green energy tariffs, where they match energy consumption with purchases of renewable energy.

Domestic energy customers can select the Green Future tariff to boost their eco-friendliness, whilst businesses can choose the Renewable Business Energy tariff to boost their green credentials.

British Gas has reduced its own carbon emissions by 39% since 2015, and they have saved 11 million households’ worth of carbon dioxide over the last 10 years.

Here’s a breakdown of their fuel mix:

  • Coal – 0%
  • Natural Gas – 0%
  • Nuclear – 24%
  • Renewables – 76%
  • Other fuels – 0%

Currently, 76% of British Gas electricity comes from renewable sources compared to the UK average of 38%.

British Gas Renewables - Business Energy 

British Gas offers a range of renewable options to help boost green credentials with fixed-rate tariffs. 

For business electricity, British Gas now offers zero carbon and natural renewable electricity. 

  • Zero carbon - made up of renewable and nuclear energy. This is backed by nuclear declarations and REGOs
  • Natural renewable electricity - this is sourced from renewables that can be replenished and is backed by REGOs. This includes wind power, solar panels and hydropower plants. 

For business gas, there's standard gas and carbon neutral options. 

  • Standard gas - this is a non-renewable source and is a standard option from all suppliers. 
  • Carbon neutral gas - this balances carbon emissions with absorption by financing ways of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This is commonly known as carbon-offsetting. 


In 2020, British Gas won the Fleet News Fleet of the Year 1,001-plus Vehicles Award for the quality and environmental performance of their fleet.

They also won the Business Transformation of the Year award at the British Insurance Awards in 2011.

Cancellation Policy

If you’d like to cancel your energy contract with British Gas, simply contact them to let them know you’ll be leaving.  They’ll send you a final meter reading and you’ll be required to pay off the rest of your balance.

British Gas charges home energy customers £75 per fuel for cancellations.

Businesses should avoid breaking their business energy contracts as this is likely to cause substantial penalty fees. Companies wanting to switch suppliers at the end of their contract are required to provide at least 30 days’ notice.

Switching To British Gas

It usually takes two and a half weeks to switch to British Gas from an existing supplier, but it might take longer, depending on the circumstances.

Once you’ve got your quote and chosen a tariff, British Gas will talk to your existing supplier, let you know when the switch has been taken care of, and request your first-meter reading.

You might need to pay your existing supplier an exit fee, so always check the overall costs before you decide to make a switch.

By comparing British Gas tariffs with Power Compare, you can find the latest deals and receive support from our expert advisors throughout your switch.

How Much Are British Gas Tariffs In 2023?

With energy switching back, you may be wondering how much the average UK home would be charged for gas and electricity in 2023. Here's an example of a 3-bedroom home with 2 adult occupants and how much they may pay for a British Gas supply. 


Tariff Type 

Unit Price

Standing Charge

Monthly Gas & Electric Bill

Electricity - 30.1p per kWh (inc. VAT)

Gas - 7.57p per kWh (inc. VAT)

2-year home energy fixed tariff (direct debit)

Electricity - 50.16p per day (inc. VAT)

Gas - 27.97p per day (inc. VAT)


British Gas standard variable (price could go up or down at anytime) 

Electricity - 27.21p per kWh (inc. VAT)

Gas - 6.89p per kWh (inc. VAT)

Electricity - 51.81p per day (inc. VAT)

Gas - 29.61p per day (inc. VAT)


Live British Gas Prices
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