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Good Energy Reviews & Tariffs

Good Energy established themselves as the first green energy supplier in the UK in 1999 and has a long standing, trusting customer base.

The company prides itself on doing the right thing for all stakeholders.

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Good Energy Reviews

  • Trustpilot4.8 out of 5 based on 9,738 reviews as of November 2023


Good Energy Electricity, Gas & Dual Fuel Tariffs

Good Energy offers two tariffs for domestic customers.

Tariff Price Breakdown:

Domestic electricity tariff, standard meter prices:

Region Standing charge (pence per day) Unit charge (pence per kWh)
Eastern 27.38 15.10
East Midlands 24.98 15.07
London 24.17 15.17
North Wales & Merseyside 26.82 16.38
West Midlands 25.81 15.41
North East 26.70 15.65
North West 25.77 15.84
North Scotland 29.89 15.57
South Scotland 27.85 15.50
South East 24.17 15.24
Southern 24.66 15.24
South Wales 26.31 15.93
South West 26.61 15.89
Yorkshire 26.89 15.27

Domestic electricity tariff prices, Economy 7:

Region Standing charge (pence per day) Day (pence per kWh) Night (pence per kWh)
Eastern 27.31 17.18 8.89
East Midlands 25.53 16.91 8.72
London 26.67 17.05 9.43
North Wales & Merseyside 26.47 18.98 8.84
West Midlands 26.36 16.95 8.99
North East 27.32 17.13 8.59
North West 26.28 17.73 8.95
North Scotland 30.73 17.06 10.16
South Scotland 28.08 16.97 9.28
South East 27.11 17.66 8.40
Southern 25.97 17.69 8.59
South Wales 27.74 17.99 8.59
South West 28.10 18.54 8.73
Yorkshire 27.51 17.13 9.06

Domestic gas tariff prices:

  Standing charge (pence per day) Unit charge (pence per kWh)
Dual fuel customers 29.80 4.013

All data comes from Good Energy’s Tariffs page and was accurate as of 25 October 2017. Prices effective as of March 1st 2017, inclusive of VAT at 5%.

They also offer an Electric Vehicle Tariff (EV Tariff) a feed-in tariff (FiT) is a tariff available for those customers who want to generate their own renewable electricity.

Good Energy Business Energy

The company supplies businesses with renewable energy sources, with tariffs for small businesses, for businesses that use up to £20,000 worth of electricity. Good Energy offers a bespoke quotation service for any company that consumes over £20,000.

Good Energy Background

Unlike usual energy providers available to consumers; Good Energy helps to empower customers who want to support the fight against climate change. By giving a chance to have renewable energy solutions for homes and businesses; Good Energy aims to provide customers with the opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint by around 50%.

Investing in renewable energy sources. Good Energy harnesses the power of natural energy sources, tidal, solar, biofuels and wind from around 1,000 locations across the UK.

Good Energy buys renewable energy and green gas and encourages the production of renewable energy in the home. The energy provided comes from farmers, independent energy generators and businesses including sources such as the National Trust. Good Energy matches all of its customers’ electricity consumption with renewable sources.

As well as considering itself a green energy business, Good Energy prides itself on being an ethical business. It believes in doing the right thing for people and the planet through the provision of great customer service and simplifying energy tariffs, as well as providing opportunities to invest in local communities and developing partnerships

Good Energy Smart Meters

2020 is a key objective for all homes to have a Smart Meter installed to help consumers observe and manage their energy consumption. Smart Meter installation is free with Good Energy.

There is no obligation to have a Smart Meter installed if customers are wishing to switch now, the facility will be offered, but all homes are expected to have the meters installed by 2020 to meet the government’s objective. The meters are being phased in and customers will be notified as the meters are being brought into the area.

Good Energy Meters

It is possible to switch from an existing supplier with a Smart Meter, however, it is not until the end of 2017 that automatic readings can be taken from meters provided by other companies. Until Good Energy is able to support the meters, customers will have to submit regular meter readings to ensure that the bills generated are accurate.

Good Energy Bills

Bills can be paid online or via telephone and the details are available on the website using debit or credit cards and the customer’s reference number should be given. Or a Direct Debit form can be completed and an online link to the form is available

Bills can be paid via cheque and mailed to the company address or customers can pay with Bristol pounds and more details are available on the site if customers wish to consider this option.

Bills are easy to read and one bill for all energy provision.

Good Energy App

  • There is an iPhone app available on the App Store with a rating of 4+
  • Android app available on Google Play with a rating of 3 out of 5

The app is a meter reading app and can be used to submit readings to improve bill accuracy and it can be used to generate queries which will invite Good Energy to contact you to resolve.

Switching To Good Energy

Switching to Good Energy, customers can enter their postcode to ascertain if they are in the area. There is no need to have a meter installation change, it is an online and phone-switching process.

On switching, there is a promotional offer that allows the customer to nominate a donation to environmental groups or charities.

Moving Home With Good Energy

Whether it is moving to a home already supplied by Good Energy or becoming a new customer of Good Energy the company aims to make it as easy as possible.

If the customer is moving into a property which is supplied by Good Energy, then a meter reading to update the account is required and only one bill will be generated for the energy issued. This process can be completed online.

The same process applies if customers are leaving their present address and need to generate a final bill. If a customer is moving home then Good Energy will arrange for the energy to be supplied to the new address using the online form and meter readings for both properties and a notification that the customer wishes to take single or dual fuel options can be made on the online Moving Out form.

Good Energy Fuel Mix

The fuel mix for Good Energy is 100% renewable sources.

Good Energy Feed-in Tariff

Good Energy is a voluntary Feed-in Tariff (FIT) licensee. This means you can receive your FIT payments from them (as long as your system is MCS certified) if you are a Good Energy customer, but they are not obliged to offer this service on an ongoing basis. You can learn more about Good Energy's export tariffs on their website.

Good Energy Complaints

Good Energy publishes its complaints data on a quarterly and annual basis. The complaints resolution process is effective, for the first and second quarter of 2017, the number of complaints resolved in one day was 55% and 43% respectively.

The number of complaints resolved for the same period was 97% and 94%.  The five main reasons recorded for complaints included billing, payments, advice, switching and metering, billing being the highest cause of complaints.

Making complaints is possible through contacting customer service on the number 0800 254 0000, in writing to the main address or through the online form.

The Good Energy complaints team are available Monday to Friday 8:30 – 17:00 with the exception of bank holidays. Good Energy whether the complaint has been received by phone or via the online form will attempt to resolve the complaint by phone in the first instance.

Contact Phone Numbers & Email

Existing customers: 0800 254 0000
New Customers: 0808 278 3061
Email: [email protected]

Good Energy Address

Good Energy Ltd, Monkton Reach, Monkton Hill, Chippenham, Wiltshire, SN15 1EE

Good Energy In Summary

The energy company ranks highly generally amongst its’ customers on Which and across all review sites and in media sources and appears to meet its ethical and sustainable obligations. Although the ranking of the company has changed, the number of complaints has not increased.

Most of the complaints are attributed to billing, and the majority of comments on Trustpilot where the reviews were predominantly negative are associated with billing and payment issues.

Good Energy is making progress in making changes to its billing to make improvements to the service. It is considered a good eco choice for customers looking for a more sustainable source of energy.


  • 100% of the company’s electricity is sourced from renewable energy sources.
  • Offer tariffs available to those who wish to generate their own energy and export to the grid
  • Easily managed online contact forms for moving house, change of address, submission of meter readings


  • For customer service, Good Energy took more than five minutes to respond on their customer service line and came 15th out of 23 providers according to Which?
  • There are a limited number of tariffs available to choose from unlike some of the larger energy providers.
  • Some reviews mention that while prices start off as competitive and reasonable, they can end up being hiked later.

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