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Bryt Energy Reviews & Tariffs

Offering 100% renewable, zero carbon supply, Bryt Energy are one of few business energy suppliers to provide electricity entirely from wind, solar and hydro.

Does their renewable energy come at a premium? Find out more below.

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Bryt Energy Reviews

  • Trustpilot: 4 out of 5, based on 4 reviews in November 2023

Bryt Energy Business Electricity, Gas & Dual Fuel Tariffs

  • Electricity only, 100% renewable.
  • Zero carbon supply.
  • Solar panel installation.
  • On-site batteries to store energy.
  • Energy control features (e.g. automatic switches and sensors)

For more specific details and what the costs could be, contact Bryt Energy through their website.

Note the information listed above was correct at the time of writing (14 December 2017).

Bryt Energy Background

A relatively new provider, Bryt Energy focus on renewable electricity and zero carbon emissions. They’re majority owned by Statkraft, “Europe’s largest generator of renewable energy and a leading international hydropower company”. Bryt currently supplies 70,000 UK businesses and generates a total of 6000 GWh.

To make renewable electricity easier to manage, Bryt also provides ways to save, generate and store energy, including solar panels, battery storage installation, and smart light switches and sockets.

Bryt Energy Smart Meter

There are no references to smart meters on the Bryt Energy site.

Smart meters are designed for the most accurate monthly billing, rather than reading the meter manually. The meter also records usage in real time, so the user knows how much energy they’re using at a glance. The government has imposed a deadline of 2020 for all energy providers to offer them to domestic and small business customers.

Bryt Energy Meters

There’s no specific information about reading your meter on the site.

Business energy customers who don’t use a smart meter or Automatic Meter Reading (AMR Meter) should get in the habit of submitting a reading every month because it keeps the bill accurate.

Bryt Energy Bills

There’s no information available about what an average bill will look like or how to pay, but many customers will probably choose to pay by Direct Debit, and debit card and quarterly billing may also be an option.

If you’re out of contract or have just moved into a property powered by Bryt Energy, you’ll pay Deemed Rates.

Bryt Energy App

There’s no app available to customers and there doesn’t appear to be an online account either. Potential customers would be wise to ask about this during their enquiry, as access may be hidden from people browsing.

Switching To Bryt Energy

No info is provided about switching and how long it takes. Generally, it will be costly and difficult to switch if a business still has outstanding payments with their provider, or hasn’t reached the end of their contract yet.

Moving Locations With Bryt Energy

No specific info is available, but customers leaving Bryt and moving to a new location will need to submit the following with around 30 days’ notice:

  • Final meter reading.
  • The date you leave the premises and cease responsibility for it.
  • Forwarding address for your final bill.
  • New occupier/landlord’s details, if available.

Bryt Energy Fuel Mix

Electricity only:

Coal – 0% (UK national average 8.5%)
Natural gas – 0% (44.1%)
Nuclear – 0% (21.0%)
Renewable – 100% (24.2%)
Other – 0% (2.2%)

Bryt Energy In the News

No recent press is available.

Bryt Energy Complaints

Bryt Energy has no presence on any review sites, so an objective opinion on their services isn’t really available.

There are no complaints stats on their website, but they have a complaints procedure.

Contact Phone Numbers & Email

Phone: 0121 726 7575
Email: [email protected]

Bryt Energy Address

1 Victoria Square, Birmingham, B1 1BD


Bryt Energy Summary

For businesses particularly conscious about renewable energy and their carbon footprint, Bryt is one of very few to provide entirely renewable electricity and the ability to install the means to generate your own. Plus, the option to have storage batteries and energy-saving switches installed is particularly appealing for the budget and environmentally conscious.

Despite this, there are no reviews available publicly and their prices are undisclosed until you enquire.


  • 100% renewable electricity.
  • Option to have solar panels and energy control switches installed.
  • Still a small company, prices could reflect that.


  • No app or online account.
  • No reviews are available.
  • Lack of info on the site, customers need to enquire.
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