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Compare Boiler Cover Plans

Find comprehensive boiler and heating plans to keep your home warm all year round. Simply select a package that suits your needs to get started.

Get a new boiler

Enjoy total peace of mind with boiler cover plans

Speedy Service
90% of all emergency callouts are completed within 24 hours
Unlimited Callouts
Keep your boiler and central heating covered all year round with unlimited callouts
Comprehensive Choice
With 3 different plans, you’ll be protected no matter what your needs
No Price Hikes
If you haven’t had a call-out, you’re protected against any unfair price hikes

What is Boiler Cover?

Boiler cover is a type of insurance policy that protects you if you face any problems with your boiler. A basic policy will cover the cost of your annual boiler service and calling out a Gas Safe-registered engineer to fix any problems.

A more comprehensive policy offers cover should anything go wrong with your boiler and can also include protection for your wider central heating, plumbing, drains, and home electrics.
You can choose from 3 types of cover depending on your specific needs. So, whether you prefer basic boiler cover or comprehensive heating and home insurance, you’re protected. With options for both homeowners and landlords, there’s a cover option for all requirements.

How much does Boiler Cover Cost?

The overall cost of your boiler insurance will depend on the type of cover you require. Plans start from as little as £12.95 per month for homeowners, while landlord boiler cover begins at £17.45 per month. When you compare boiler cover, you can select from three main care plans:

Your Boiler
Your boiler cover is a basic package that includes:

  • Annual Boiler Service
  • Repairs to your gas boiler, flue, and controls

Your Heating
Heating care plans include extra central heating checks on top of your standard boiler cover. You can benefit from:

  • Annual Boiler Service
  • Repairs to your gas boiler, flue, and controls
  • Wider central heating repairs

Your Home
Your home heating cover offers total peace of mind with comprehensive cover that includes:

  • Annual Boiler Service
  • Repairs to your gas boiler, flue, and controls
  • Wider central heating repairs
  • Plumbing repairs
  • Blocked drains repairs
  • Repairs to your home electrics

Am I required to pay an excess on Boiler Cover?

When you select your preferred plan, your call-out fee will act as your boiler cover excess. The fee can be set between £0 and £95, the higher fee you set the lower your monthly payments will be.

Your boiler cover excess call-out fee won’t be charged for your boiler servicing and will only apply to boiler breakdown callouts. You will only be required to pay the call-out fee once for each fault during your contract period.

Does my Home Insurance include Boiler Cover?

Most standard home insurance plans will not include boiler cover. As home insurance providers cannot guarantee a boiler will be serviced regularly, they are often wary of covering boiler breakdown

Your home insurance may cover damage caused by a faulty appliance, such as damage caused by oil or water leaking from your boiler. However, they often will not pay for the repair of the boiler itself.

Boiler cover policies offer peace of mind in knowing that you’re covered should anything go wrong with your boiler. Regular boiler servicing included in your plan will also help keep your appliance in the best possible condition.

Why do I need Boiler Cover & Central Heating Insurance?

A broken boiler as a homeowner or landlord is incredibly disruptive and stressful. Being stuck in a cold home with no hot water facing potentially costly repair work is a position no one wants to be in. A boiler and central heating cover plan can remove such stresses and offer peace of mind that any issues will be fixed quickly and won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

You’ll benefit from a 12-monthly boiler service from a Gas Safe Engineer. They will perform safety checks on your heating and plumbing to ensure your system is in the best shape possible to keep your home warm. If anything does go wrong, a Gas Safe Engineer will aim to respond within 24 hours to fix a broken boiler. With boiler cover plans to suit all requirements, why wait until something goes wrong? Compare boiler cover today to find the right protection for your home.

The Importance of Central Heating Cover for Landlords

As a landlord, you can choose a boiler and heating cover plan tailored to meet your needs. Our landlord boiler cover plans offer all the services of home cover, with a Landlord Gas Safety Record (LGSR).

Your tenants can be confident that any problems will be fixed quickly with 90% of emergency call outs completed within 24 hours. Your Gas Safe Engineer can even deal directly with your tenants to speed up the process of fixing any issues that may arise. Landlords can even benefit from a multi-property offer with a £75 Amazon voucher for each additional property signed up.

Boiler Cover FAQs

What is the difference between boiler cover and central heating cover?

Put simply, boiler cover only offers protection for your boiler and the controls of your boiler. If your boiler breaks, your cover is there to protect you.
Central heating cover applies to the entire central heating system in your home. This could be your boiler, pipework, cylinder and much more.

What happens if my boiler breaks?

No boiler is completely infallible and from time to time they do break down. With boiler cover, you can get the problem fixed quickly with minimum hassle and cost.
A Gas Safe Engineer will aim to be at your property within 24 hours to assess your boiler and find the problem. This could be issues with the hot water supply or a failure with the boiler controls, electrics, or plumbing. For landlords, either you or your tenant can request a call-out to address any issues with your boiler.

Do I still need cover if I have a boiler warranty?

Many people believe that boiler cover isn’t worth it as they already have a warranty. However, this is not the case. Your warranty will only protect your boiler for a certain number of years and there will be terms and conditions applied to this.

For example, if issues found in other areas of your central heating system cause your boiler to break down, you may not be covered by your boiler warranty. With boiler cover in place, you will be protected should anything go wrong with your boiler. You will also have an annual service included in the price of your boiler and central heating cover.

Can I get cover for old boilers?

You can take out cover for old boilers to protect you should anything go wrong. As older boilers are more susceptible to failures, boiler breakdown cover can help you avoid hefty repair costs.

It’s worth bearing in mind that your boiler manufacturer will eventually stop making spare parts for your old boiler. This means that it will make sense to get a new boiler installed.

You can read about our boiler installation services here.

Will I still be covered if I move house?

If you’re moving home, you should contact your boiler cover provider as soon as possible. In most cases you can move your boiler cover package with you.

However, you will need to confirm that your current package fits with your new home. Depending on when your new home’s boiler was last serviced, this may involve a Gas-Safe Engineer visiting your home to check your boiler is working safely.

Once that is complete, your details can be updated to move your boiler and central heating cover to your new home.

What does my boiler service include?

The annual boiler service is an important part of your boiler cover plan. It can help you identify any problems with your boiler ahead of time and reduce the amount of work required on your heating system. Your annual service will include:

  • Visual checks of your boiler and gas supply to ensure your central heating is working correctly
  • Boiler casing removal to test all essential components of your boiler
  • Gas pressure checks to ensure your boiler is operating at the optimum pressure to power your central heating
  • A boiler fire-up test to confirm your boiler is in good condition
  • External checks of the flue to ensure there are no blockages in your system which could obstruct harmful fumes from escaping