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100Green Reviews & Tariffs

100Green (Formerly Green Energy UK) is an electricity and gas supplier offering services based entirely on renewable energy, viewing green energy not as an “alternative” type of energy but the only kind it provides.

Both residential and business energy supply is available in England, Wales and Scotland, with Smart Meter services available in England.

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100Green Reviews

  • Trustpilot4.1 out of 5 based on 1,167 reviews as of November 2023
100Green has not yet been rated by Which? Or Review Centre, however, has received a substantial number of positive reviews from Trustpilot users.

100Green Electricity, Gas & Dual Fuel Tariffs

Previously known as Green Energy UK (GEUK), 100Green offers a range of tariffs including:

Dual Fuel Sparkling (also available as Electricity only) 

  • Direct Debit only
  • 100% renewable energy sources
  • No fixed-term contract
  • No Termination Fee
  • Variable rates
  • Electricity rates (including VAT): Per unit: 15.32 p/kWh + Daily Fixed Charge 18.90p
  • Gas rates (including VAT): Per Unit: Per unit 3.41p/kWh +  Daily Fixed Charge 25.00p

Dual Fuel TIDE (Smart Meter)

  • Time-of-day tariff
  • Prices are frozen until March 2018.
  • They will install a smart meter
  • Monthly Direct Debit
  • No contracts and no termination fees
  • Electricity rates (including VAT): Daily Fixed Charge 24.00p + Per unit: 4.99p/kWh (23:00 – 06:00) up to 24.99p/kWh (16:00 – 19:00) during the week. And either 4.99p/kWh (23:00 – 06:00) or 11.99p/kWh (06:00 – 23:00) on the weekend.
  • Gas rates (including VAT): Daily Fixed Charge 25.00p + Per unit 3.59p/kWh


  • Electricity only tariff
  • No-standing charge
  • Pay by monthly variable Direct Debit
  • Electricity (including VAT) Per unit 17.66p/kWh (no standing charge!)

They also offer tariffs for Economy 7 and Economy 10 meters.

Note all prices listed above were accurate at the time of publication (25 October 2017) but are subject to change at any time.

100Green Business Energy

100Green offers business energy contracts for existing companies and property developers who need new connections. It is the first UK electricity supplier to be certified by EKOenergy, a European eco-label that guarantees that its electricity fulfils strict environmental criteria and raises funds for new renewable energy projects; it is also the first UK supplier to supply 100% green gas.

100Green Background

Originally called Green Energy UK (GEUK) 100Green has been supplying green energy to British households and businesses for over 20 years. The company invests in a wide range of technologies including small-scale hydro, CHP, organic waste gasification, vegetable oil and pig waste.

In 2016 it became the first UK energy supplier to provide 100% green gas to residential and business customers, two years after adding gas supply to its portfolio and launching a duel fuel bundle in 2014.

In 2023, the energy supplier re-branded to 100Green.

Given its focus from the beginning on sustainable consumption and supply, 100Green extends its ethical business values to its customer service interactions. It doesn’t use answer machines, responding live to all calls with minimum wait times.

It carries out customer ‘health checks’ on their accounts from time to time to ensure they don’t build up credit or debit balances and if they do accrue, it tries to work with customers to resolve them.

It has also introduced Variable Direct Debits for domestic customers so they only pay for what they consume in the month. In 2017, it affirmed its commitment to not do door-step selling, preferring potential customers to make an informed decision when choosing to switch based on their requirements — in terms of service, ethics, price and “greenness”, without the “hard sell” of door-to-door sales.

100Green Smart Meter

TIDE is an online-only smart meter service featuring free installation of gas and electric Smart Meters and substantially discounted rates based on the time of day. It is only available as a dual-fuel bundle.

100Green’s next-generation meters are industry-compliant and work across all of its tariffs (and other energy companies, too). Once installed, customers can take advantage of time-of-day tariffs like TIDE, putting them in control of consumption and helping them save money.

Smart Meters monitor energy usage, automatically sending readings to the supplier, eliminating estimated energy bills and allowing customers to see and control their energy usage.

Customers with Solar PV installed can also save up to save up to £285 per year by using a Powervault home battery.

Other 100Green Meters

100Green also offers tariffs for homes with Economy 7 and Economy 10 meters.

100Green Bills

Billing is monthly with payment by direct debit. Online/email-only billing is required for the TIDE smart meter plan, but it is available with all services. Customer reviews report that 100Green’s bills are simple, clear, and easy to understand.

100Green App

Customers can download the Green100 app from the App Store and from the Google Play store respectively.

Switching To 100Green

Customers can switch online using a simple form. Alternatively, customers can phone customer service on 01920 486156.

Moving Home With 100Green

Customers should notify 100Green in the event that their supply or billing address changes in order to continue service at the new home or business premises.

100Green Fuel Mix

From 1st April 2017, all tariffs use 100% renewable energy and 100% green gas.
Fuel mix:

  • 13.35% Biomass
  • 0.52% Hydro
  • 0.11% Landfill gas
  • 35.96% Photovoltaic (Solar)
  • 19.16% Wind
  • 30.90% CHP

100Green Feed-in Tariff

100Green is a voluntary Feed-in Tariff (FIT) licensee. This means you can receive your FIT payments from them (as long as your system is MCS certified) if you are a 100Green customer, but they are not obliged to offer this service on an ongoing basis. You can learn more on their website.

100Green In the News

  • “Green Energy UK offers first electricity tariff based on time of day,” The Guardian, 3 Jan 2017
  • “New electricity tariff offers 80pc discount for night-time usage,” The Telegraph, 4 Jan 2017

100Green Complaints

100Green received one (1) complaint related to supplier performance in the first quarter of 2017, according to data it supplied to Ofgem. The complaint was related to billing, and it was satisfactorily resolved by the company. In the fiscal year 2015-2016, it received 27 complaints.

Customers can make complaints by phone at 01920 486156 or email at [email protected]. 100Green will look into the matter and get back to the customer within 5 working days. If after its response the customer is not satisfied with the outcome or the way they have been treated then they may write to:

The Directors, Green Energy (UK) plc, Black Swan House, 23 Baldock Street, Ware, Herts, SG12 9DH

In the event the Directors cannot reach a solution that the customer is happy with, they can contact the Energy Supply Ombudsman.

Energy Supply Ombudsman, P0 Box 966, Warrington, WA4 9DF 
T: 0330 440 1624
Textphone: 0330 440 1600

Contact Phone Numbers & Email

Customer Services:
Tel.: 01920 486156
Email: [email protected]

100Green Address

Correspondence Address
Green Energy (UK) plc
Black Swan House, 23 Baldock Street, Ware, Herts SG12 9DH


100Green Summary

100Green is an environmentally sustainable, ethically operated energy supplier serving customers across England, Scotland, and Wales. All energy sources including gas are green, and its Smart Meter service offers significant savings for off-peak energy consumption.


  • Easy supplier transferring process
  • Excellent customer service
  • Low pricing with smart meter service including an 80% discount for nighttime usage
  • No standing charge tariffs are available
  • 100% green energy sources used for both gas and electricity


  • No indoor monitor for smart meter
  • No company-provided apps for managing usage and account
  • Separate installations are sometimes required for electricity and gas meters
  • Smart Meter service only available in England
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