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Vodafone Business Broadband Reviews, Deals & Prices

Vodafone Business Broadband is one of the highest rates providers sweeping multiple awards for their reliability, coverage and customer service. They also have the biggest full-fibre network in the country. They have over 500k business customers with 99% coverage across the UK. 

From telecoms to business broadband, here’s everything you need to know about Vodafone business broadband services. 

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Vodafone Business Broadband Reviews 

Vodafone has worked on their business broadband offers over the last few years and has been recognised as one of the best. They do not charge any upfront costs for equipment and have a diverse range of broadband deals available to suit almost any business. You can also package up your Vodafone business broadband with a phone line deal.

They are particularly known for their wide range of UK coverage, reliability and network speeds. 

Vodafone Business Broadband scores 4.4 (Excellent) on Trustpilot. Customers praise customer service and speed. They have also picked up multiple awards at the Business Broadband Awards.

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Vodafone Business Broadband Features


Online Billing


Download Speeds

Up to 900 Mbps

Free set-up


Unlimited data


4G backup

Yes (Pro 2 Broadband)

UK coverage


24/7 support

Yes with Pro 2


Excellent - 4.4

Cyber security


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