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Commercial Gas Meter Installation

We’re here to help you with your new commercial gas meter installation as quickly as possible. Ensuring your gas supplier receives regular and accurate readings can unlock savings and inaccurate billing. 

Depending on your business type, usage and what times of day or night you’re consuming the most gas can change your desired meter type. 

We often offer our customers free commercial gas meter installation when you switch suppliers with us. We’ll aim to have your new meter installed within 2 weeks.

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Types Of Commercial Gas Meters 

There’s no ‘one size fits all’ when choosing your commercial gas meter. Although a smart gas meter would be suitable for most, there are some instances where extra money can be saved for some businesses by choosing a different type of gas meter. Here are your options: 

  • Standard gas meter - there’s one unit charge per kWh of gas used. This is a basic commercial gas meter and you will need to submit your readings to your supplier to ensure you’re not getting estimated billing. 
  • Commercial smart gas meter - most small businesses will be fine with a smart gas meter. It only charges your simple unit rate no matter the time of day and will automatically submit readings to your supplier
  • Multi-rate gas meter - for businesses with unsocial operating hours during evenings and weekends, a multi-rate meter may offer significant savings. These are often known as Economy 7 & 10 meters. For example, you will pay a much cheaper unit rate during the evening/ nighttime hours and a higher rate in the daytime. 

Do I Need A New Commercial Gas Meter? 

If you think you could save money by installing a different type of gas meter; you’re moving into a new premises, you may want to consider getting a new commercial gas meter. 

Moving to automatic gas meter readings to avoid estimated billing. We’re here to make sure that doesn’t happen. 

Can I Request A New Meter? - Commercial Gas Meter States 

Your first step should be identifying what gas meter type you have and the meter state. This is commonly known as the MPRN state (Meter Point Reference Number) which has a unique number to identify the meter and supply. If you’re unsure what your MPRN is, you will need to contact the National Grid

Once you have your MPRN number, you will need to understand what state your gas meter is in before you can replace it or switch suppliers. Your current business gas supplier can tell you what your meter state is; and if you’re unsure who the supplier is, you will need to contact your Distribution Network Operator (DNO).

Here are the options: 

  • Live - your commercial gas meter is set up and ready to go. You can switch suppliers now or request a brand new gas meter now.  
  • Disconnected - your gas service cable has been removed and will require what we refer to as ‘siteworks’. Your local DNO will need to arrange a new connection installation and provide you with a new MPRN. You cannot request a new commercial gas meter or switch suppliers until you have contacted your DNO. Find your DNO here.
  • Removed - this means that your commercial gas meter has been removed. To get back on supply, you will need to go through a two-step process. First, you will need to request a Live/Dead check. Once that step is complete, you may need something called a GT1 Survey. This is an essential test when moving into a new business premises that doesn’t have a gas meter in place and tells you if the infrastructure is there to install a new gas connection. Once you’re all set up, this is when we can help with switching suppliers and getting a new commercial gas meter. 
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