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Fidelity Energy Reviews & Tariffs

Fidelity Energy buy energy for their clients through partner brands to make prices as cost-effective as possible.

Find out more about Fidelity, and what their services are, below.

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Fidelity Energy Reviews

  • Trustpilot4.6 out of 5, based on 21 reviews in November 2023

Fidelity Energy Business Gas, Electricity and Dual Fuel Tariffs

  • Gas and electricity procurement.
  • Green energy tariffs are available.
  • Can install electronic vehicle charging points at your business.
  • Monitor the market, and buy for their clients.
  • Work with 17 energy suppliers.
  • Smart technology.
  • Partnered with Salesforce.

Note the tariff information listed above was correct at the time of writing (1 February 2018), although as noted, prices will vary by postcode and are subject to change at any time. 

Fidelity Energy Background

Fidelity primarily procures energy for large businesses like restaurants, schools, sporting venues, housing associations and data centres. Users can access 1000s of tariff quotes through their online portal, and then manage their account to renew and switch when necessary.

They partner with some well-known energy suppliers, including npower Business Solutions EDF, as well as some smaller names like Corona and Opus Energy. They access market pricing by working with other approved suppliers, and prices can vary by nearly 30% from the cheapest to the most expensive.

Fidelity Energy Smart Meter

Smart meters are being rolled out gradually to relevant Fidelity customers. Those who are interested should contact their account manager.

Other Fidelity Energy Meters

Half-hourly metering is available, which means slightly cheaper rates for customers. Electricity readings are reported every half an hour, so there’s no need to manually report it.

Fidelity Energy Bills

It’s unclear how customers will be billed, but the online portal seems to be the centre of activity, so this could be where payment and invoicing take place.

Fidelity Energy App

There’s no app available for Fidelity customers, but they can manage their whole account by using the online portal.

Switching To Fidelity Energy

The management tool allows customers to switch between partners and tariffs, but it’s not completely clear how easy that process is or how long it takes.

Moving Locations With Fidelity Energy

There’s no specific guidance about moving locations available.

Different premises and conditions can mean different energy needs. Always check for quotes if you’re planning to move, it could be cheaper than using your current supplier in a new location.

Fidelity Energy Fuel Mix

Fuel mixes will vary depending on the chosen supplier.

Coal – 8.5% UK average
Natural gas – 44.1%
Nuclear – 21.0%
Renewable – 24.2%
Other – 2.2%

Fidelity Energy In the News

No recent press is available.

Fidelity Energy Complaints

Fidelity has no presence on any of the most popular review sites. There are some favourable case studies on their site, but these are used for promotional purposes.

Contact Phone Numbers & Email

Phone: 08000 48 48 00
Email: Contact form on the site

Fidelity Energy Address

Fidelity Energy Limited, Newbury Office, 4 The Pentangle, Park Street, Newbury, RG14 1EA.


Fidelity Energy Summary

Fidelity offers a unique platform which could be a money saver for some businesses, but it’s not entirely clear how easy it is to manage. Large businesses like housing associations and sports venues in particular might find the choice of tariffs more economical.


  • Renewable options.
  • Variable prices.


  • Lack of billing information online.
  • Fuel mixes vary depending on the supplier – could involve a bit more admin.
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