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Keston Boiler Reviews & Price Comparison from £1,100

Keston Boilers logo.


Keston Boiler Prices*

Below we look at sample prices for the most popular Keston Boilers, including the cost of the boiler and the cost of installation. Just keep in mind these prices are a guideline only and the costs in your area may be higher or lower.

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Keston System S30 Gas Boiler Prices

Keston System S30 Gas Boiler 30kW £1,100 £750

Keston Combi C30 Gas Boiler Prices

Keston Combi C30 Gas Boiler (30kW) £1,140 £750
Keston Combi C35 Gas Boiler (35kW) £1,180 £750

Keston Heat Regular Gas Boiler Prices

Keston Heat 45 Regular Gas Boiler(45kW) £2,225 £750
Keston heat 55 Regular Gas Boiler (55kW) £2,610 £750

* All pricing data comes from Boiler Guide and was accurate at the time of writing (June 2019) but may have changed since then. Installation costs are taken as a midpoint.


Keston Boiler Models

Below we look at the various Keston Boiler models in a bit more detail including features and benefits of each one.

Keston Combi Gas Boilers

Keston Combi boilers are perfect for new and replacement installations. They remove the need for a hot water tank, so if you don’t have a loft or utility room, they are the perfect choice.


Keston Combi Models

Keston Combi Features & Benefits

  • 7 year warranty
  • Weather compensator supplied as standard
  • Large backlit display with user friendly controls
  • Compact wall hung appliance. Can fit in cupboard.
  • Inbuilt frost protection
  • LPG conversion kit available
  • Boiler can be situated anywhere up to 27 metres from the flue outlet
  • Fully modulating


Keston Regular Gas Boilers

Keston regular boilers, or open vent boilers provide hot water and central heating through a hot water storage cylinder which is often placed in an airing cupboard, and a cold water tank which is usually found in the loft.  Keston regular boilers are the ideal choice for large homes and light commercial settings.


Keston Heat Regular Gas Boiler Models Features & Benefits

  • 5 year parts and labour warranty
  • LPG variants available
  • Inbuilt weather compensator
  • Twin flue up to 21 metres away from boiler
  • Wall hung
  • Low NOx emissions
  • Can be installed in a cascade producing up to 330kW (6 boilers)
  • Commercial control system compatibility as standard
  • Small installation footprint


Keston System Gas Boilers

Keston System boilers have the heating and water systems built into the boiler itself. System boilers are perfect for homes with more than one bathroom.


Keston System S30 Gas Boiler Model Features & Benefits

  • 5 year warranty on parts and labour
  • Large backlit display with user friendly controls
  • Lightweight and compact – can fit in a kitchen cupboard
  • Twin flue fitted within 27 metres of boiler – giving a wide range of options
  • Inbuilt frost protection
  • Weather compensation supplied as standard
  • Easy to see pressure gauge
  • LPG conversion kit available


Keston Boiler Reviews

There are very few online reviews on Keston Boilers, but those that do exist show very unhappy customers.

Here are the reviews from leading websites:

Power Compare score (average of sites above): 2.4 out of 5.

Here are few review highlights:

The Good:

  • Some customers have had a Keston for 7 – 10 years with very few issues
  • Newer models have received praise
  • Good customer service
  • Proficient engineers
  • Like compact design

The Bad:

  • Complaints of constantly breaking down
  • A few complaints of older models and leaking carbon monoxide
  • Poor customer service
  • Servicing and repairs expensive due to the twin flue system
  • Overcharging on call outs